... in early 2007 I was interviewed about pandemics and pandemic contingency planning. Today I'd ex-press myself almost identically. 

Interview as PDF (in German)

My contribution "Gesundheits- und Sozialpolitik in Zeiten von Cover-19" ( "Health and Social Policy  in Times of Covid-19")  has been published in autumn 2020 (in German),

in: ZögU Zeitschrift für öffentliche und gemein-wirtschaftliche Unternehmen, Heft 3, Baden-Baden,

p. 267 - 281

A pandemic is more than just a medical problem: After the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic – for the first time in history – people watch in real time, during a staccato of reporting, how a virus pandemic develops. They hope to fight the virus just as quickly and at the same time they fear for their own existence, healthwise and economically. Politics, business and science are trying to provide answers, even if they cannot fully assess the health or economic effects of the pandemic and the measures taken to combat it. Communication plays a crucial role: A clear distinction must be made between knowledge, semi-knowledge and ignorance. In addition, social security and services of general interest are of great importance when dealing with a pandemic. They alleviate existential fears, secure livelihoods and help to prevent social inequalities from being amplified by the pandemic.